I was fine just crushing on someone else.

But in you go and I was hooked. From the beginning, it was confusing. Slowly, you inched your way into my life, making yourself an almost-permanent fixture. You made me feel emotions I haven’t felt in a while.

It started with a game.

That line sounded so cliche but it’s the truth, you got interested in a certain game that was installed in my phone. You were so caught up in the game that you’d always borrow my phone for it. But you needed an opponent (me, of course!), and that’s where all of this began.

It was gradual. The game became available in Messenger so you began messaging me. Challenging me to play with you. But along the way, conversation can’t be avoided which became late-night ones. The topics were so random and out of the blue. I didn’t read much into it though.

But our mini summer came, and you continued the late-night conversations with me. Everyday. Slowly, gradually as I talked about myself, I think I fell. Not in love, of course. But I think I was caught in a trap through your sweet talks and compliments. With all the attention that you gave me, it felt new and nice.

You already know all my secrets but I know none of yours.

And that’s scaring me. Maybe I was too honest, too vulnerable, to tell you everything about me. I’m scared that I might fall but you wouldn’t be there to catch me. I’m scared that I’ll hurt somebody or be hurt.

Because all you wanted was a fling. I just recently figured out it’s meaning, no feelings. Fleeting, just for fun. And what’s worse is that no one can ever know about us. I was your dirty little secret as you were mine.

And that’s all I’ll ever be, because you’re already someone else’s.