He said he would change.

She gave him a chance.

But did she make the right decision?

He told her not to expect immediate change. She understood, as long he knew what she really wanted. She waited for it to happen. But time flew, and he was still the same.

Was she just insecure? Or over thinking things?

She hoped he would be there more often. Why was she feeling that way? Why was she feeling scared?

He was there. He was obedient. He was a good boy. He followed whatever his parents told him to do. They were strict. He was caged.

She was free as a bird. She flew wherever her wings would lead her to. But she stuck to the rules. She never crossed the line. She knew her limitations.

She didn’t know what she wanted, but she didn’t want to let go. She loves him. He loves her. But why does she feel like something is missing?


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