Chat. Talk. Speak. Conversation.

One word with a lot of translations and interpretations.

But for me, we need this to communicate, to clear things out, to explain what happened or to merely talk about oneself to another person.

We talk everyday. We speak to one another and make conversations. But, what makes tête-à-tête different? It is a heart-to-heart talk. You don’t just speak random and easy-going words. But you spill you heart out in this conversation. You let the other person know how you feel.

Many people often have a hard time doing this because they don’t want others to see through them. They don’t want to let the others know who they really are. They are closed off to the people around them. Commonly these kind of people are the cold, business-like ones we meet everyday.

When and how do we initiate this kind of conversation?

When some things are not clear, when a problem comes up and people are involved. You just have to be brave and let the words spill out. Be honest to let them know your side. Sometime it isn’t easy, you don’t want the other party to be hurt. You sometimes sugarcoat the facts, but it will only make things harder later.

A lot can happen within this conversation. Problems are solved. Break ups become make ups. Sadness becomes happiness. But it all doesn’t end this way. Some ends badly, or worse. Relationships ended. Goodbyes said.

But at least after this conversation the weight you are carrying in chest will be lifted. It will give you the feeling of maybe, just maybe, something’s better waiting for you. It will give you hope. And the courage will remind you that you can face any challenges thrown in your way.


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